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Dulles South Soup Kitchen

Virtual and In-person Opportunities


The mission of the Dulles South Soup Kitchen is to provide nutritious hot meals, free of charge, to anyone who is seeking nourishment, in a dignified and compassionate environment. Join the DSSK and help those in need. Volunteers are the building blocks of the Dulles South Soup Kitchen. Come in by yourself, or sign up as a group. Earn community hours and give back to your neighbors


How to Volunteer:

1. Go to the DSSK Volunteering page.

2. Fill out the form on the website with your contact information and preferences.



Volunteering Form:

How to Fundraise:

1. Go to the DSSK Fundraising page.

2. Host either a food fundraiser or a virtual monetary fundraiser.


Fundraising page:

Drop off Location: 42622 Suny Bay Ct. Chantilly, VA 20152


What do Dulles South Soup Kitchen volunteers do?

In-Person volunteering activities:
- Food Prep (no minors)
- Food Packaging
- Delivery
- Food Donation Pickup 
(must be able to drive)
- Food Distribution
- Cleaning
- Stocking


Virtual volunteering activities:
- Blogging
- Fundraising
- Volunteer Management
- Record keeping

Serving Food.webp

How to Host a Food Drive:

1. Create a flyer or a document explaining your food drive. This includes, start date, end date, food drop off locations, and where the food is being donated. 

2. Contact friends, neighbors, family, and peers to collect food. During COVID-19, ensure everyone is being safe when dropping off and picking up food by wearing a mask and social distancing.

3. On a set date, drop off the food at Dulles South Soup Kitchen! Call (202) 930-3775 to set an appointment for food drop off. 

Drop off Location: 42622 Suny Bay Ct. Chantilly, VA 20152

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