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Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy

Virtual and In-person opportunities


Loudoun Wildlife educates by leading people to discover through field trips and programs. Indoor and outdoor events open doors to the world of dragonflies and owls, amphibian night sounds and bird songs in the early morning, great trees and wildflowers. They explore the natural world through citizen science projects, contribute to national databases, and document breeding birds in the area. The LWC's Bluebird and amphibian monitoring activities keep an eye on the health of those species, as does the stream monitoring for area waterways. All this and more happens with the volunteers who drive the organization, with help from a small group of part-time staff. Volunteer participation is vital to the success of all our projects.


What do LWC Volunteers do?

In-person opportunities

Virtual Opportunities

  • Zoning Advocate

    • ​Research local zoning ordinances as they relate to conservation and land use issues and/or attend monthly public input sessions of the County Zoning Ordinance Action Group.  

  • Community Advocate

    • ​Engage your local friends and neighbors to advocate on issues that affect Loudoun’s streams, forests, wetlands, mountainsides and meadows. 

How to Volunteer:

1. Complete the Volunteer Application Form.

2. Complete the Volunteer Waiver Form.

3. Email if you have any questions. Please note that due to COVID-19, many regularly scheduled volunteer opportunities have been postponed. 

Volunteer Application Form:


Volunteer Waiver Form:


Contact Information:

Volunteer Coordinator:

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