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NV Rides

In-person Opportunities


The mission of NV Rides is to provide free rides to seniors via a network of volunteers in the Northern Virginia area. Operating through Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudoun County, NV Rides has provided over 39,000 rides and driven over 270,000 miles. This non-profit organization is dedicated to making transportation possible for seniors in Northern Virginia. Through NV Rides and its network of supportive volunteers, seniors are able to continue taking care of basic needs.  


What do NV Rides Volunteers do?

  • Volunteers must be 21+ with a valid drivers license and car insurance.

  • Drivers volunteer when they are available to transport seniors to different locations.

  • Volunteers help seniors continue to live independently and maintain their dignity.

How to Volunteer:

1. Visit NV Rides website:

2. Find the closest volunteer network to you, using their interactive map.

3. Fill out this form to get started. 

4. Set your own schedule and begin volunteering through the web-based scheduling system. 

Phone Number: 703-537-3071


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