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Ryan Bartel Foundation

Virtual and In-person Opportunities


The mission of the Ryan Bartel Foundation is to prevent youth suicide through awareness, upstream educational programs, and activities that support and empower youth, families, and the community-at-large through acceptance, connection, resiliency and hope. Our objectives are to break the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide through communication and positive outreach in our communities, to create a culture where everyone matters, to facilitate connections among youth and with trusted adults, to empower youth to seek help for themselves and help others, to provide evidence-based programs to build resiliency for coping with life’s challenges, and to support youth-inspired activities to foster self-purpose, belonging and hope. 


How to Volunteer:

If you are younger than 18:

1. Contact your school's Sources of Strength or We're All Human Committee.

2. Learn how to get involved at the Ryan Bartel Get Involved page.

If you are older than 18:

1. Fill out the volunteer form.

Contact Information: Valeria (Val) Walters (She/Her), Executive Director


What do Ryan Bartel Volunteers do?

  • Volunteer at THE FORT, a community space for young people to connect, share, have fun, and enjoy activities that strengthen and enrich their lives

  • Get involved in your high school's Sources of Strength or We're All Human Committee.

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