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Women Giving Back

In-person opportunities



Women Giving Back supports women and children on a first step to stability by providing free quality clothing with the help of a united, considerate community. WGB clients are able to increase their success and gain independence. The mission of Women Giving Back is to secure a stable roof over the heads of their clients, help them gain and maintain employment, help them become more financially sound, and assist them in applying their experiences towards improving the education of their children. 


How to Volunteer:

1. Please visit  Read the handbook and click on the “sign-up” button where you will create an account.

2. Sign up to attend a one hour orientation session.  Following the orientation, you may register for any available volunteer shift. If you are 12 - 15, you must be accompanied by an adult when you volunteer.

3. Attend your shift and volunteer!



Volunteer portal:

Contact Information:


What do WGB volunteers do?:

In-person volunteering activities:

  • Sort, hang, and organize donated clothing in the store

  • Assist in the boutique with clients and restocking items

  • Assisting with our diaper pantry and the distribution of diapers/wipes

  • Become a sort leader

Offsite volunteering activities:

  • Coordinate a donation drive

    • On or off-site (clothing, accessories, shoes, snack packs, toiletries, diapers/wipes)


How to Start a Donation Drive:

1. Create a flyer or a document explaining your donation drive. This includes, start date, end date, item drop off locations, and where the items will be donated (Women Giving Back). To learn about what items are needed, go to the donation website.

2. Contact friends, neighbors, family, and peers to collect these items. During COVID-19, ensure everyone is being safe when dropping off and picking up donations by wearing a mask and social distancing.

3. On a set date, drop off your donations at Women Giving Back! Check donation drop off dates and times on their website.


Donation Website:

Contact Information:

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